Simulation-Specific High-Performance Computing

  • HPC for any engineer, accessibility options for all experience levels.
  • Architected simulation workflows on the cloud.
  • Not just IT support, we transfer 15+ years of HPC simulation experience.
  • Simple pricing model to get the most from simulation affordably.
  • ITAR Compliant, strict security controls, process & protocol in place.

Are software licensing costs preventing you from getting the most out of simulation?

Corvid offers HPSC, a pay-per-use model for the following application areas: External Aerodynamics, Aerothermal, Aerodynamic Databasing, Debris Field Prediction, Explicit Dynamics, Thermal, Blast & Explosives, Energetics, Injury Prediction, Surgical Modeling, FSI, High-Speed Intercept & more.

Tank Sloshing – Multiphase Flow

Corvid HPC Customer was able to reduce run time from 2 hours per run to 34 minutes using the same core count for OpenFOAM simulation.

Gas Turbine Compressor with Ansys CFX

Corvid HPC Customer ran 15% faster & saved 40% cost compared to competitive HPC Cloud provider on a similar core count.

Injury Prediction from Blunt Force Trauma

Corvid HPC decreased model turnaround time from 6.5 hours on a desktop workstation to 30 minutes.

Buried Explosive Vehicle Test

Corvid HPC enables 12+ design iterations per workday compared to 1 iteration on 16 core workstations.

Aerospace Vehicle Aerothermal

Aerothermal analysis project completed by coupling RavenCFD & Velodyne on Corvid HPC for high fidelity results.

Motorsports Development

External Aerodynamics & underhood thermal analysis are efficiently scaled with hundreds to thousands of cores to speed development.

Armored Vehicle Development

Using Velodyne & Corvid HPC enables running a full vehicle model to generate predictive results in a reduced design timeline.

Team USA Bobsled

Corvid HPC was utilized to improve Aerodynamic performance for Team USA’s bobsled for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.